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Tori Siberians was established in Olive Branch, Mississippi in 1993. Tori Siberians is a breeder of OLD LINE Siberian Huskies. The goal of an old line breeder is to produce a Siberian husky as close as possible to the original ones bred by Leonard Seppala and Lorna Demidoff in the early days of the breed. The original Siberian huskies were bred to work in arctic conditions and have a good character that would lend them to work well with humans and other huskies. Our main goal is old-line type, good structure, working capability and superior compatibility.

The Siberian husky is the fastest of all arctic breeds, but he needs not be as fast as a greyhound. In the beginning, the Siberian husky was a working breed that won sled races and also won in the show ring. Many racing kennels also had good show dogs. Working capability and good structure were combined. When the Siberian husky became very popular, many breeders begun to breed dogs only for shows or only for speed racing. Many racing kennels started to breed Alaskan huskies and mongrel sled dogs to Siberian huskies to gain more speed for racing. The structure of the racing Siberian huskies was changing to a lighter one, more like a greyhound. Dogs became uneven as to type. Older type, original Siberian huskies, were called "OLD LINE" Siberian huskies. The new style was called "The New Racing Line".

Modern show lines became known in the beginning of 1980's. They adapted a style where certain qualities were highlighted to make the dogs more attractive in the show ring.

Here at Tori, our Siberian Huskies are based on Siberkirk, Monadnock, Frosty Aire, Marlytuk, Norstarr, Almaring, Savdajaures, and Koryak. We try not to mix show lines or racing lines in our dogs, however they do quite well in the show ring with their old-line type intact. They also perform their original function in harness most capably, carrying a light load at a moderate speed over great distances. It is our goal to preserve the Siberian husky as it was in the early days and we cherish those original qualities like a beautiful head, thick coat, good structure, good character, and working capability.

The Old Line Siberian Husky is very suitable to work on a team in sledding, does well in the show ring and is also a wonderful family pet.
Patsy & Meckenzie
Our two-year-old, Meckenzie with Patsy Cline

Some of our relatives

Ch. Vanka of Seppala II
Ch. Monadnock's Pando, Ch. Monadnock's King, & Mulpus Brooks the Roadmaster

Trailside's Kalach of Sakima

Tanglewood Two Below
Tanglewood's Two Below

Monadnock's Turbo
Monadnock's Turbo

Puppies playing at Tori

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